The island of Crete

Crete, this wonderful Greek island, is actually only 200 km away from Africa. It is a very beautiful island with its burgeoning verdure. Flowers with delightful fragrance and orange trees filled with fruit. Crete covers an area of 8,300 km2 (3,219 sq mi) and it is sometimes referred to as “The Great Island”.

Tourists who want to relax and enjoy life pilgrim here. Just unwind, take it easy and bask in the sun. In the summer Crete has 15 hours of sunshine a day. If you don’t want to sunbathe you can rent a Vespa scooter or a car and drive about exploring the island. Crete has a strikingly hilly terrain and there are lots of sights to check out in the island.

Among other things Crete is famous for its beautiful beaches. Although Crete is invaded by tourists in the summer season, you can still find desolate beaches where you won’t have to fight for space and loungers. To me Crete is a paradise. Beautiful beaches, nice people and lots of good food. Those are the things I seek more than anything when I’m on vacation.

Every time I go to Crete I want to visit the lovely city of Chania. It is the second largest city of Crete and has a population of around 65,000. Chania is situated in the northern part and it is well worth a visit. The Venetian Port attracts tourists, and here you leisurely stroll back and forth. Tourists mixed with residents. Along the waterfront there is an abundance of cafés and tavernas. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit down for a good meal, preferably newly caught seafood. For instance, test the “Taverna Mathios” serving a sea urchin speciality .

Personally I love “dining around the world” and that is still another reason for Crete and Greece having a special place in my heart. I really do like the Greek cuisine and its dishes. Moussaka, tzatziki, dolmades (rice and vegetables in vine leaves), feta cheese, sheep cheese etc. Something I find tasty is “saganaki”, i.e. fried feta cheese. Feta cheese is something of a Greek speciality, and edible Greek snails are also much coveted. Greek snails are in fact so sought after that they are exported to France.

Part of the pleasure is trying the national wine, Retsina, which is flavoured with resin. This wine goes well with Greek dishes and it has a very characteristic flavour, which you either like or dislike. I for one prefer a chilled Mythos, which is a domestic beer with much bitterness. It’s a really good experience to sit by the waterfront watching the ships while sipping a well chilled good Mythos.

Just today I long extra strongly for a return to Crete. I yearn for the heat and the sun. I long for the good food. I crave for “the simple life” where the most bothersome task is to choose the right colour for the bikini. I wonder when I will be able to come back next time ….

Popular hotels to book:

Oscar Suites Village
Family run apartment hotel in the area of Agia Marina, 11 km from Chania Town and 100m from the beach.

Apartment complex 300 m from the beach in Maleme, 100 m from center of Maleme and 14 km from Chania town.

Pilot beach Resort
The resort is situated by a private sandy beach approximately 900m from the fishing village of Georgioupolis.

Sonio Beach Apartment
Sonio Beach Apartments is a Greek-Swedish family hotel situated in Platanias, 10 km west of the city of Chania and 24 km away from the airport.

In the center of Platanias just outside the town of Rethymnon, and only 300 meters from the sandy beach.


Beijing, or Peking as it used to be called, is the capital of China. The Chinese word Beijing means “Northern Capital”. This metropolis has approximately 20 million inhabitants, that is more than three times as many people as in Greater London. This is easily noticeable when you arrive there, people are literally everywhere. The traffic is strikingly different from that at home. Cars are all over the place and rapid breaking combined with pedal to the metal is the style of driving. People everywhere, people alongside the road and people in the middle of the road. People riding bicycles or old mopeds. People pulling carts and people with other vehicles. Yes, people everywhere. So what’s important here is to be alert.

Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and at that time quite a number of buildings in the city were freshened up. There are may fine buildings to watch, and quite a lot of historic architecture is to be found here, like Hutongs and Siheyuans. Beijing is vast and there are lots and lots of sights, so it’s a good idea to have a discussion at home regarding what to devote time to. Many people come here to watch the historic buildings, visit the “Forbidden City” or “Tiananmen Square”, while some of us will spend most of the time shopping. What is not for sale here is not worth shopping. That’s the simple explanation of shopping in Beijing, and that’s what I am going to tell you about now. So make yourself prepared and come along!

In Beijing there are various markets where you can go shopping, and the Pearl Market is one of many. There is a sound basic rule when it comes to shopping, and it is known as bargaining. Bargain, bargain, bargain. The equipment you require is patience, time and some money. Figure out how much you are prepared to pay for an object and let that be your starting point. Sometimes you might have to act as if you were totally uninterested and walk away, and then they would often call you back. They want to sell to you, for they know that if you don’t buy from them, you will simply go to the next stand and make a deal there instead. Be smart. Offer a very low price, and then you can finally meet somewhere halfway and be content both of you.

Hongqiao Pearl Market
This is an indoor market, which will suit us well if it’s wintertime. For in Beijing the winter can be very cold and then an indoor market is very convenient. This market comprises 5 floors. The ground floor contains mostly watches, cameras, earphones and other electronic appliances, but also silk shawls, stockings and green Chinese tea. On the first floor you find Designer Clothes, shoes and what we girls love most of all: handbags. Take your time and walk around, test the quality, and if you buy a jacket be sure to test the zipper of the jacket you are going to buy. Try all clothes on, size Large isn’t always a large size. Finger the fabric, sense the quality. On the second, third and fourth floor you find jewellery and pearls, hence the name of the market.

The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and used to be the home of the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its interior comprises more than 8000 rooms. You enter the palace from two directions, and be prepared that it takes some time to walk around and explore the site.

After a whole day of shopping and visiting palaces your feet will start aching, so it’s a good idea to have a quick shower and go out dining. In Beijing I often have teppanyaki, which is a type of Japanese cuisine that I really love. Every table has its own chef who prepares the dish on an iron griddle in front of the guests. A marvellous experience, tasty and cheap. You eat and drink as much as you can for about 15 Euros.

If you prefer Chinese dining, there is a small restaurant directly opposite one of the entrances of the Pearl Market. We call it “The Hole in the Wall”. This is a good place to charge some energy before continuing the shopping.

Popular hotels to book in Beijing:

Grand Mercure Beijing Central (x Xidan), Beijing
Well-kept hotel in a great location in Beijing, within walking distance from Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City.

The Peninsula, Beijing
This hotel is located 2.5km from the Forbidden City, 3km from the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and 4.5km from the Temple of Heaven.

Days Inn Forbidden City, Beijing
Hotel with great location in Beijing only 500 meters to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Jade Palace Hotel, Beijing
5-star business hotel located in Zhongguancun area.

Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing, Beijing
Located in the Chaoyang district, approximately 7 kilometers from the Forbidden City.


Marvellous Bangkok. I do love this city. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and 7 million people live here. And if you add the greater city area you must take into account a population of 12 million. There are cars everywhere, lots and lots of people and a wonderfully fantastic experience all together. There is so much to explore and see here. A wealth of restaurants and street stalls. Best of all: Bangkok gives you an opportunity to add extra luxury, since staying and vacationing here is really affordable for Europeans.

Most people associate Bangkok with shopping, and so do I. Endless opportunities of making bargains exist here, but you have to be on guard, for you could easily be fooled. And as always, stay calm and laugh a lot. That is Rule #1 in the jungle of shopping and haggling. There are hawkers in the streets, in the alleys, at the hotels, in the shopping arcades, in fact practically everywhere. A good idea is to walk around a bit first observing how much other people pay, and calculating how much you are prepared to pay yourself. If you can’t stand the sun and heat when shopping, you can head for the MBK or ‘Ma Boon Krong Center’ as it is called. Here you have as much as seven floors to go shopping. Just make sure you sharpen your elbows before entering the mall.

MBK Shoppingcenter, Bangkok

There are lots of sights to admire in Bangkok, and one thing you must not miss is the Golden Buddha statue. In the Buddhist Temple of Wat Pho there is a golden Buddha, 46 metres long and 15 metres high. This is an enormous reclining Buddha richly encrusted with gold leaf. Wat Pho is also said to be the birthplace of Thai Massage.

Golden Buddha, Wat Pho, Bangkok

If you want to try something different and upscale, you should go to the Crystal Lounge in 28 Sukhumvit Soi 20. This is a stylish lounge for having a coffee or a lighter meal. Also to be found here is a Harley Davidson covered with Swarovski crystals. If your legs are too tired you can be picked up by the Crystal Lounge’s own tuk-tuk, likewise bathed in Swarovski crystals, of course.

The Crystal Lounge transports their guests in a tuk-tuk covered with Swarovski Crystals.

My unparalleled favourite venue in Bangkok is the State Tower, a skyscraper in Silom Road. Go there, take the elevator up to the 63rd floor and walk out into one of the coolest sky bars in the world, the Lebua (located beside the Sirocco restaurant). It is 240 metres up and offers marvellous views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Just remember, dress code applies here, so neither flip-flops nor shorts are welcome.

After visiting the sky bar for an aperitif you can move along to the trendy Bed and Supperclub restaurant, located in 26 Sukhumvit Soi 11. This restaurant resembles an UFO from the outside. Well inside you ‘dine in bed’. Everything is white, even the waiters. You enjoy a three-course dinner an in between meals you’ll have a chance of getting some massage. Surprises are always afoot in the Bed and Supperclub and there is always some kind of performance during the evening. Sometimes somebody making candy-floss and another time a limbo contest. This is an extremely cool restaurant. When you have finished dining you simply continue the night at the Bed Bar, located on the other side of the large white sliding doors.

Taxis in Bangkok

Bangkok has much to offer. Stay updated with Timeout, not to miss anything in this fantastic city. Try travelling by tuk-tuk, though it’s much easier and cooler taking a real taxi. Ask the taxi driver to start the taximeter, and thus it will even be cheaper than going by tuk-tuk, and on top you will have air conditioning in the taxi.

I promise, Bangkok will not let you down. Bangkok, the city I will always come back to.

/ Jenny

Popular hotels in Bangkok:

The Landmark Bangkok, Bangkok
Convenient located on Sukhumvit Road in central Bangkok, close to the Nana station of Bangkok`s Sky train system.

Narai Hotel, Bangkok
Conveniently located in the city’s main business, shopping, and entertainment area of Silom Road.

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Bangkok
With panoramic views of the Chao Phraya – River of Kings.

Prince Palace, Bangkok
In the centre and located in Bo Bae Tower, a good shoppingmall.

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok
5 star hotel located at the corner of Silom Road and Charoen Krung Road and about 10 min walking distance from the Chao Phraya River.

Sharm el-Sheikh – The most Popular Seaside Resort of Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh is a fairly new Egyptian coastal resort situated on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Sinai has since long belonged to the Arab nomadic people called the Bedouins. It is not until lately that we tourists have found our way there, largely because of the magnificent marine life to be found in the azure waters of Sinai. Nowadays divers go on pilgrimage to explore the beautiful coral reefs of Sinai.

Wonderful Beach of Sharm el-SheikhWonderful Beach of Sharm el-Sheikh.

This is where you travel if you want to go diving, sunbathing or just to exist. Since 90 percent of Egypt is desert land, this has become an attractive destination for many people who want to get away from the hectic city life. Here sunshine is guaranteed, it’s cheap and you’ll find a wide range of water activities. However, one must remember that Sharm el-Sheikh is not an ancient city, but constructed solely for us tourists. But if you are looking for sun and hot climate Sharm el-Sheikh is a perfect destination. Many fine beaches filled with activities are available here.
EgyptAs much as 90 percent of Egypt is desert.

A popular tourist attraction is taking a camelback ride. If you are willing to go on a tour you can make an excursion to Cairo and go camel-riding among the Pyramids, but this activity can be found at practically all tourist beaches in Egypt.
camelridingCamel Riding on the Beach.

As tourism is growing in Egypt the number of international restaurants increases on the market. Most restaurants are to found in Naama Bay. If you want your food like back home in Europe, you will find an abundance of various traditional dining. But if you have an adventurous mind, like me, and want to try the local cuisine you are not likely to come away empty-handed. Abou el Sid is my favourite restaurant in Sharm el-Sheikh and there they serve an array of various mezze, which might be described as Egyptian tapas. The story behind the name of the restaurant is about Abou el Sid, the poor breadwinner, who was engaged as a cook with the Sultan. And the he longed so much for his family that in the end he ran away. He was captured and had to spend his last years in prison.
Something typical of Egypt is visiting a market, of course. In the historical city centre the “Old Market” bazaar area is located. This was once the original centre of Sharm el-Sheikh. It is the right place to go bargain-hunting for most anything. Here you’ll find lots of various spices, like saffron for chicken and cakes, or you might prefer buying hibiscus flowers to make tea. Poufs, wallets, papyrus can be found here. The list is easily a long one. Bear in mind to allocate plenty of time for a market visit, especially if you have made up your mind to buy something. For when you have once made your choice, that’s when the fun starts, to bargain. Make sure you are equipped with your biggest smile, lots of time and endless patience. A good hint and starting point is to make up your mind on how much you are willing to pay, yourself, for the object you are going to buy, and after that there’s nothing to stop you any longer. Good luck!
After a long day of sweating and bargaining in diverse markets some diversion might be welcome. Perhaps you want to experience a relaxing evening with a stunning sunset!? Then you can head for my second favourite venue, located at the El Faraa´na Hotel. The Farscha Mountain Lounge is a marvellously wonderful place, which really has to be experienced on site. You can arrive there just as you are, directly from the beach and preferably before sunset. Pleasant lounge music, tasty drinks and an incredibly beautiful view. Here you can unwind, gaze on the sea and watch the big boats heading home after the day’s tours. This is a place I long to go back to.

View from Farscha Mountain Lounge.

Some useful hints and tips:
• Don’t drink the local water, but buy bottled water.
• Bring a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel, the bottles are not bulky and don’t take much space in your handbag.
• Bargain until you are ashamed of yourself, and then bargain still more.
• Remember to make a deal about the taxi fare before the trip. Most taxi drivers don’t use taximeters.
• A smile makes most things easier.

Popular hotels to book in Sharm el-Sheikh:

Domina Coral Bay Oasis Resort and Casino, Naama Bay , Sharm el-Sheikh
Situated in the Sheikh Coast Bay, 8 km from the International Airport of Sharm El Sheikh and 5.5 km from the center of Naama Bay.

Noria Resort, Naama Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
Located in the center of Naama Bay with 400m to the beach and only 14 km from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort, Um El Sid Hills, Sharm el-Sheikh
About 10 min walking distance from El Merkato shopping mall.

Falcon Naama Star, Naama Bay , Sharm el-Sheikh
Situated in the center of Naama bay, 750 m to the beach. Distance to Sharm El Sheikh airport is 12 km.

Tiran Island Hotel, Ras Nasrani Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh
This Hotel is located 550m from the beach, 16 km from Shopping Mall and 16 km from the Casino.


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, with over 1.8 million inhabitants. It is strategically situated in northern Germany, on the river Elbe. Hamburg is an important seaport, much so thanks to its location in the country. During the time of mass emigration in the 19th and 20th centuries Hamburg was the departure port for many people, and thus it became known as “The gate to the World”. Today Hamburg has the second largest port in Europe, after Rotterdam. Hamburg is also recognized as a centre of the world’s aircraft industry, close after Seattle and Toulouse, since one of the Airbus plants is located here.

Miniatur Wunderland
This is the world’s largest model railway exhibition, with 4,000 m² of model railroad. Every 15 minutes night falls in the “Miniatur Wunderland”. My favourite was the model of Hamburg Airport where you can see planes taking off and landing. You can hear the fire brigade’s turnout and sense the low rumble of an Airbus starting up. This is a museum that requires time and an open eye. All the small models are made to perfection, and you will always find something new to watch.

Airbus Factory Tour
This is a must for the aviation fan. Here you can go on a 2½-hour tour. Unfortunately you cannot yet see the mighty Airbus 380, but the Airbus 318/A319/A321 are there. You must be 14 years of age to join the tour, which has to be booked on the Internet. You’ll have to leave your camera behind, since one is not allowed taking pictures within the site.

The Shopping Heaven
Hamburg welcomes with open arms anyone who feels like shopping. What you can’t find here is not worth shopping. Here you’ll find the posh boutiques, the second hand shops and the gigantic department stores. Only in Neuer Wall (the Designer street) and Mönckenbergstrasse there are 12 great shopping arcades. Personally I prefer the smaller and more genuine stores. Those who have articles that you won’t find anywhere else. Try “Kauf dich glücklich” (meaning “Buy Yourself Happy) in No. 4 Susannenstrasse in Sternschanze! You will feel a bit happier when you walk away from there.

The Soccer Heaven
The Imtech Arena (formerly Volksparkstadion) is located in the outskirts of the city. It has a capacity of approximately 50,000 spectators. There are two major teams in Hamburg. One of them is the Hamburger SV and the other FC St Pauli (with the Millerntor-Stadion as their home arena). Hamburger SV is the team that always wins, and FC St Pauli does the opposite. HSV plays in the Bundesliga, that is the top league in Germany. FC St Pauli plays in a lower division. In spite of that FC St Pauli has a great crowd of fans. The club has a raw and tough appearance. Studs and skulls. Soccer in Germany IS something special. There is an enormous intense atmosphere and go in the arenas. Even if you don’t like football, it can be an exciting experience with everything that happens all around you. For me it’s heaven. Have a try you too. The cheapest tickets are around 10-15 Euros.

Empire Riverside Hotel and The Sky Bar 20UP
End the day like a real air stewardess, that is “up in the air”. Try the cool sky bar on the 20th floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel. This shining pearl is located 90 metres above the roofs of Hamburg, and it is definitely nothing for people suffering from fear of heights. The view is breathtaking, to say the least. Sit down, have a drink and let yourself be carried away by the marvellous view of the Elbe and the harbour. Let your feet have a rest from a hectic day in the city, but not too long … for soon a new day is dawning and there are lots of things you must have time to see in Hamburg: Reeperbahn, the Fish Market, the Christmas Markets, Beetlemania, Sternschanze, the Hamburg Dungeon, The City Hall, Hafen City, Altona. The list is a long one.

How to get back home from Hamburg? I don’t know. I think I’ll stay here. See you in Hamburg then?

• Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice put together.
• Hamburg Airport is very popular among plane-spotters. Since Lufthansa has its entertainment division here, you can – if you are lucky – see a great number of unusual flights landing here.
• Air Hostess tip: Buy nylon stockings here. They are affordable and of high quality.
• Jil Sander opened her first boutique in Hamburg in 1967. At that time she was only 24 years old.
• Pack up your picnic basket and head for one of the observation decks at Hamburg Airport. Spread out your blanket and sit down for one of the coolest and cheapest entertainment in the world right in front of you.

Popular hotels to book in Hamburg:

Terminus am Hauptbahnhof
Small and comfortable hotel located in the heart of Hamburg, right next to the main railway station and a short stroll from the river Alster.

AO Hamburg Reeperbahn
Located right on the Reeperbahn, approximately 2 kilometers from Altstadt.

Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg Hamburg
The hotel is located 3.5 km from Poppenbuttel railway station, 10 km from Hamburg Airport and 12 km from Planetarium Hamburg.

Zleep Hamburg City Hotel
Situated 100 m. from the lively Reeperbahn Street and 5 minutes from the harbour with its world famous fish market.

Maritim Reichshof Hotel
Traditional hotel built in classicist style, conveniently located between the Art Gallery and the German theatres, opposite the main rail station.

Rom, pizza, design og antikke monumenter

Velklædte mænd og kvinder er repræsentanter for Rom, byen hvor mode og designernavne er uundværlig for livsstilen her. Den italienske hovedstad også kaldet den evige stad har tiltrukket turister i løbet af årene med sin italienske charme og romance. Turister har blandt de mange historiske monumenter mange steder at vælge mellem som baggrund for feriebillederne. Utallige barer og restauranter giver endeløse muligheder for at prøve den italienske køkkenkunst. Prøv en cappuccino eller den italienske is som afslutning på et måltid. Rom er også kendt for de to fodboldklubber i den italienske Serie A: AS Roma og SS Lazio.

Rome by night
Creative Commons License

Vatikanet, Trevifontænen, St Peter’s Square, De spanske trapper og Colosseum er bare nogle af seværdighederne man kan besøge i Rom. Man kan dog ikke tage til Rom uden at opleve de smukke pladser og torve. Den mest kendte er nok Piazza Venezia midt i Rom hvor Palazzo Venezia og Monument of Victor Emanuel II findes. Oplev også de spanske trappers fantastiske barokke arkitektur som findes på Piazza di Spagna.

piazza in Rome
Creative Commons License

På Piazza del Colosseo findes nogle af de vigtigste monumenter i den italienske historie som Colosseum. Her mødte gladiatorerne deres blodige skæbne. Nær Colosseum findes det andet historiske monument Konstantinbuen. Denne triumfbue blev bygget efter kampen om Milivian broen til minde om Constantine I sejr over Maxentius. Templet Roman Pantheon er en anden seværdighed der er et besøg værd, dette tempel blev bygget og tilegnet de hedenske guder.

colosseum rome
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Vigtige renæssance kunstnere bosatte sig i Rom. Udforsk den kulturelle historie og lær om en af de mest fremragende mænd i denne periode; Michangelo. Denne kunstner var skulptør, poet, ingeniør og arkitekt for bare at nævne få. Michelangelo’s Pieta er et af mesterværkerne og et af de mest udforskede værker fra High Renaissance. Mother Mary der holder Jesus efter korsfæstelsen var bestilt til French cardinal Jean de Billheress grav og blev et af de smukkeste marmorværker i Rom. Kunstneren leverede mere end forventet og skabte selv en del af historien. I dag kan dette mesterværk ses i Peterskirken. Det Sixtinske Kapel i Vatikan-museet er nok et af Michelangelos mest kendte værker og er også et besøg værd.

Arch of Constantine Italy
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Populære hoteller i Rom

Domus Romana Hotel
Hotel beliggende i Roms historiske centrum mellem Piazza Barbini og Via Nazionale, nær mange historiske og arkæologiske seværdigheder.

H10 Roma Citta
Beliggende i Marconi-området, 3,5 km fra området Trastevere, der er berømt for sine smalle gader, restauranter og natteliv. Der er cirka 1 km til Trastevere station.

Centralt beliggende kun nogle meter fra den kendte Via Veneto og ca 5 minutters gang fra Piazza di Spagna.

De gyldne klitter i Maspalomas

Er en afslappende dag på en gylden strand din drøm om en perfekt ferie. Hvad med De Kanariske Øer? Du har 12 km strand lige foran dig. Læg håndklædet ned og begynd at nyde livet på Maspalomas strand på De Kanariske Øer. Svøm i Atlanterhavets klare, blå vand og lad kroppen lufttørre i den varme sol mens du læser lommeudgaven af Stieg Larssons Mænd der hader kvinder” med fødderne begravet i det varme sand.

Beach of Maspalomas Canary Islands
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Maspalomas ligger på Grand Canarias sydkyst og er mest kendt for stranden og de gyldne klitter, nogle på over 10 meter i højden. Hvis du bliver træt af at gå, kan man altid tage sig en tur på en kamel langs de smukke klitter. Denne imponerende strand begynder ved øens mest sydlige spids ved fyrtårnet El Faro de Maspalomas og ender i Playa del Inglés.

Nær stranden findes hotellet, indkøbscentre og souvenirbutikker. Der er desuden et stort udvalg af restauranter, barer og taverner. På disse barer og taverner kan man prøve de kanariske specialiteter som “patatas arrugadas con mojo picón”; små, saltede, rynket og uskrællede kartofler med sauce.

Dunes of maspalomas beach
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Der er mange aktiviteter i området som hesteridning, dykning, windsurfing og man kan spille golf på Maspalomas golfbane. Eller tag til vandparken Aqualand? I bakkerne findes Palmitos Park hvor man kan se over 200 forskellige slags fugle som tukaner og flamingoer.

Maspalomas er et populært feriested og har været et beskyttet område siden 1897 hvor det blev klassificeret som et naturreservat. I Maspalomas Puddle findes et udvalg af fugle og fisk der har tilpasset sig disse omgivelser.

Populære hoteller i Maspalomas

Suns Gardens
Et lille og meget hyggeligt kompleks i Maspalomas

Bungalows Capri
Beliggende i roligt område i Campo Internacional i Maspalomas, 3 km fra centrum af Playa Del Ingles.

Dunas Suites and Villas
4 stjernet hotel bygget i bungalowstil med tropiske haver.

Hurghada, et smukt rejsemål ved vandet, perfekt til vandsport og afslapning

Rigeligt solskin, smukke sandstrande, krystalklart vand og levende koralrev gør Hurghada til et attraktivt rejsemål for turister, der har lyst til en badeferie med mulighed for at dyrke vandsport som f.eks. dykning, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing og sejlads. De unikke undersøiske ‘haver’ ud for kysten er nogle af de fineste i verden, og er med rette berømt blandt dykkere. Hurghada er også det perfekte sted til traditionel ‘souk’ shopping, strandfester, safariture i ørkenen samt golf. Og det er også en god base, hvis du ønsker at udforske nogle af verdens vigtigste historiske steder.

Lev dit eget ‘Tusind og en nats’ eventyr i denne magiske badeby, hvor du finder en interessant blanding af alle mulige nationaliteter og kulturer. Ligesom mange andre populære badebyer, var Egyptens næststørste by engang en lille fiskerby, der ligger ved siden af ​​Det Røde Hav og kan prale med en række fantastiske strande. I dag er Hurghada vokset til en populær destination med en bred vifte af restauranter, caféer og barer, med både enkle hoteller og fem-stjernede luksus hotelkomplekser. De sidste par år er mange hoteller i området begyndt at tilbyde ‘All Inclusive’, for at tilfredsstille den stigende efterspørgsel hos kunderne.

Creative Commons License Billede: Simona Scolari

Populære hoteller i Hurghada

Movenpick Resort SPA El Gouna
Beliggende ved Det Røde Havs kyst, med udsigt til lagunen og tæt på El Gauna.

Titanic Resort and Aqua Park
Titanic Resort og Aqua Park ligger 1,5 km fra stranden, 20 km fra Sahl Hasheesh og 22 km fra centrum af Hurghada.

Stella Makadi Beach Resort & Spa
Beliggende ved stranden i Makadi bugt.

Europas Førende Strand Destination 2012

Den 6. oktober blev vinderne af den prestigefyldte World Travel Awards offentliggjort. Prisen er “rejsebranchen pendant til The Oscars. I dette års udgave blev Algarve, den sydligste provins i Portugal, valgt som Europas førende strand destination. En af grundene kan være, at Algarve er som det perfekte feriepostkort med kalkstenshuler og grotter, lange gyldne familievenlige sandstrande og smukke bugter med kystvand…

Klik her for at se den komplette liste over vinderne!

Varaa hotellit Algarve

Creative Commons License Billede:  F H Mira

Populære hoteller i Algarve, Faro

Clube Praia da Oura
Feriested på den gyldne Albufeira strand i Algarve.

Forte Do Vale Apartments
Beliggende 500 m fra stranden, tæt på barer, butikker og restauranter og 40 km fra Faro lufthavn.

Clube Humbria
Beliggende i en fiskerby 800 m fra stranden.